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Winterszene am Kreischberg, Foto: Tom Lamm, ikarus.cc

Season start for the winter season 2018/19 is the 1st of December 2018. The season ends on April 1, 2019. We look forward to seeing you!

Winter at the Kreischberg: Fourteen cable cars and lifts, 40 kilometers of slopes, a permanent racetrack with timekeeping for a giant slalom lasting about 40 seconds, a speed track with radar measuring, a toboggan run, and a tubing arena – we can’t stop talking about the many possibilities at the Kreischberg! Here you will find a slope map for you to get an idea of it!

The slopes are perfect for carving and snowboarding – as we have said before: From your chalet you only have to walk a few steps to the valley station of the 6-person gondola, and since the way home is downhill, you don’t need to unbuckle your skis in good snow conditions and ski right to your chalet.

Your children will probably not see you very often: They can spend their time with Wilma, Fred, and Barney at the YabaaDabba Doo Land, or get within touching distance of the wildest monsters at the dinosaur park, and then there’s also the „Kreischi Trampoline”. And of course, they can also ski on the Kreischberg. Beginners start with a magic carpet, baby lift, and mini-wave train, and continue with the Kreischi lift!

The Kreischberg always has enough snow for sure! And if the weather god isn’t as generous with the snowfall, nothing stands in the way of your skiing pleasure: Since 2015, the entire Kreischberg ski area can be covered in artificial snow!

Winter at the Kreischberg: The Kreischberg Ski Area

We have summarized the most important information about the Kreischberg for skiers and boarders: Here you will find information on the ski region, and you can find further information about off-piste winter sports here! (Cross-country skiing, ski tours)

  • 40km of slopes with guaranteed snow-covered slopes
  • 14 ski lifts – 2 gondolas, 4 chairlifts, 5 drag lifts, 1 baby lift, 1 button lift, 1 tubing lift
  • Operating hours of the lifts are from 8 am to 4 pm
  • Difficulty levels of the slopes: Blue: 17km; Red: 15km; Black: 8km

2 Mountains – 1 Ski Pass!
In case you need a change from the Kreischberg ski slopes: seasonal and multi-day tickets are also valid for the Lachtal ski area with a total of 80km of slopes and 24 cable cars and lifts!

Cross-Country Skiing

In addition to the numerous downhill slopes, the Kreischberg also offers a high-altitude cross-country ski track – at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level.
After riding up the mountain with the gondola lift, you enter the 2.5km long circuit track right next to the summit station. The use of the cross-country ski track is free of charge, only the gondola rides up and down the mountain are charged a fee.

For Snowboarders: The Kreischberg Snowpark

The „Kreischberg Snowpark“ is situated at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level in the „Sunshine Lifts“ area and creates ideal conditions for snowboarders and freestyle skiers.
Here you can find information and pictures! #FeelsLikeKreischberg

Speeding on the Race or the Speed Track

You can test your skills as a racer at the permanent racetrack, the times for the approx. 20 goals are measured automatically. Price per run is 1€.
Or you can venture onto the speed track: Your speed is measured on a 100-meter-long steep slope. By the way: It is possible to reach speeds above 80km/h here…
The use of the speed track is free of charge!


If you need to take a break from skiing or boarding, you can try something else right by the summit station of the gondola lift. You can go down the slope on one of the three closed-off lanes with a „tubing ring”. You can get back to your own equipment with the tubing lift.

Toboggan track in St.Lorenzen

A four-seater chairlift will comfortably take you to the toboggan track, the toboggan run brings you right back to the valley station. You have the option to stop at the hut if you get hungry or thirsty on the way.
The toboggan rental is located directly at the Kreischberg. Information on the operating times and prices of the Kreischberg toboggan run can be obtained from the Kreischberg cable cars at 0043 3537 300 or office@kreischberg.at 

2 Winter hiking trails at 1.800 Meters above Sea level

If you don’t want to explore the Kreischberg on skis, you also have the option to hike it. There are two cleared and signposted winter hiking trails that start at summit station of the Kreischberg gondola lift. The “Kreischberg Seerunde” is a pleasant walk of one hour around the Kreischberg impounding reservoir, the heart of the snow machine. The “Zirben-Wanderweg” leads through the Swiss pine forest and to the valley station of the Rosenkranz lifts. This hike takes about 2 hours. You don’t need to bring your own provisions as there are two places you can stop at.

Snowshoe hiking

We offer a variety of options for snowshoeing if you would like to explore the beautiful nature of the Kreischberg by foot. Get more information here!